I was asked by our psychiatry department to give a talk on recovering from the loss of my leg. I tried to decline several times, but they kept insisting that I give a talk. But I didn’t really know how I recovered, I just did it. For some reason resilience seemed to be part of my being. How was I going to explain to the psychiatry department how I recovered?  My brother Steve had just completed a book on Resilience. I had read sections while he was writing his book and made editorial suggestions, but now I read the book with an eye toward applying what I read to my own experience. I discovered that Steve’s book allowed me to structure my talk and explain how I recovered.

How do psychiatrists define resilience or ehe ability to “bounce back” : The process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, and significant stress (family problems, health problems, workplace and financial stress). I also learned that their 8 components to bouncing back:

1. Optimism

2. Courage to face your fears

3. Having a strong moral compass: meaning, purpose and growth

4. Religion and spirituality

5. Social support

6. Role models

7. Cognitive and emotional flexibility

8. Physical fitness and strengthening – competitive sports

Over the next series of posts ,with the help of my brother Steve, I will describe how I bounced back with the hopes that you can apply my experiences and strategies to your own life’s challenges.

You can watch my talk by hitting the title of my talk:  Overcoming the loss of my leg: My Path to Recovery